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IVF and ICSI are more sophisticated treatment options for couples suffering from fertility. Fertilization is a process by which the sperm reacts with egg and results in the formation of an embryo. Sperm can react with egg in two ways one is IVF and the other is ICSI. In both the methods sperm is taken out and the fertilization occurs outside of the body. These are artificial techniques. The only difference between IVF and ICSI, IVF is natural fertilization whereas ICSI we take sperm and inject it artificially into Oocytes and create the embryo. This is an artificial fertilization method. We are having ICSI treatment center in Hyderabad with the best specialist who is well experienced.

IVF means in vitro fertilization, in which female partner eggs are collected and fertilized with the husband sperms. Even though IVF is an artificial method of creating an embryo, but the fertilization happens naturally. This process happens only when the sperm count is good and the normal sperm count is higher than the eggs then sperms are placed together in an incubator and the sperms are allowed naturally to react with the egg and result in the formation of the embryo. These sperms are incubated in an incubator for at least 16 to 18 hours then the embryo will be removed out of that incubator.

ICSI means Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, in this if the sperm count is poor or if the number of abnormal sperms in a sample is higher, then your specialist specifically prefers a good quality of sperm and injects it directly inside your egg called ICSI. The embryo formed with good quality and there will not be any long term effect on the child. This process of fertilization happens in an embryology lab under a highly controlled environment. So there will not be any harmful effects either on egg or sperms. Geetanjali IVF is one of the top ICSI fertility centers in Hyderabad.